ANSI是一种字符代码,为使计算机支持更多语言,通常使用 0x00~0x7f 范围的1 个字节来表示 1 个英文字符。超出此范围的使用0x80~0xFFFF来编码,即扩展的ASCII编码。



suse linux


Diffinity is a free diff and merging tool for Windows with focus on accurate and easy to read source code diffs.


  1. 《大明王朝1566》
  2. 《天道》
  3. 《走向共和》
  4. 《生存之民工》


华为自动驾驶操作系统内核 ISO 26262 ASIL-D

华东师范大学 何积丰

阿里巴巴正式开源 Inclavare Containers

Difference between DPL and RPL in x86

Segment protection was introduced with the 286, before paging existed in the x86 family of processors. Back then, segmentation was the only way to restrict access to kernel memory from a user-mode context. RPL provided a convenient way to enforce this restriction when passing pointers across different privilege levels.

Modern operating systems use paging to restrict access to memory, which removes the need for segmentation. So RPL is mostly an unused leftover from older times.


Stabs (Symbol Table String) refers to a format for information that describes a program to a debugger.


stabs 已经被 DWARF 替代

MISRA C编程规范标准

LDRA Testbed

LDRA Testbed provides the core static and dynamic analysis engines for both host and embedded software. LDRA Testbed provides the means to enforce compliance with coding standards such as MISRA, JSF++ AV, CERT C, CWE and provides visibility of software flaws that might typically pass through the standard build and test process to become latent problems.


printf("%.*s", length, string)

printf("%.*s", length, string) prints at most length characters of string.

Long mode

In the x86-64 computer architecture, long mode is the mode where a 64-bit operating system can access 64-bit instructions and registers.

Bao - a lightweight static partitioning hypervisor